Mace preserves raw material and preserves products

Macè preserves and conserves

The mission of making healthy food available to everyone at all times has allowed us in over 20 years to study, experiment and develop new recipes ...

eating fruit habitually makes you happy

Eating fruit habitually reduces the risk of depression

The results of the research showed that more frequent consumption of fruit is associated with reduced symptoms of depression and greater psychologi...

I pesti e le salse fresche HPP di Mace hanno vinto gli Italian Food Awards 2022, nella categorie salse, come miglior prodotto innovativo

Macé's HPP pestos and sauces win the Italian Food Awards 2022

On Sunday 16 October 2022 at La Cuisine, Hall 5B in SIAL Paris, the awards ceremony of the eighth edition of the ITALIAN FOOD AWARDS, an event dedi...

Greenhouse gas emissions: what is the carbon footprint of the food we eat every day

Greenhouse gas emissions: the carbon footprint of the food we consume

The food we eat is responsible for one third of the Planet's greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide).

Phytosterols vs. cholesterol. Phytosterols in plant foods fight high blood cholesterol levels

What are phytosterols, which benefits do they provide and in which foods are they present?

Phytosterols are plant-derived sterol molecules contained in foods. The most common phytosterols include beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmaste...

Macé's fresh HPP pestos and sauces have been selected as best innovative products

HPP pestos and sauces selected as innovative products

The entire range has been selected as an innovative product at both PLMA in Amsterdam and SIAL, the food fair will take place in Paris in October 2...

A cold-pressed and HPP-treated Macé fruit juice is good twice over: good to drink and good for your health

Plant-based foods introduce significantly more antioxidants into the human diet than non-plant-based foods

A study shows beyond doubt that plant-based foods introduce significantly more antioxidants into the human diet than non-plant-based foods.

Separate collection and circular economy... We still have a long way to go!

Recycling and and circular economy …  we've got a long way to go!!!

How much does it cost in terms of energy to CHOOSE what to do after using a plastic bottle? What can we do after we have consumed our juice, drunk...

are all fruit juices the same? No, there is a difference between a pasteurised juice and a juice treated at high pressure and low temperatures


Most of the juices on the market contain added sugars and are processed and pasteurized at high temperatures. However, after heat treatment, many o...