Aware of the environmental imbalance on the planet, we seek to contribute to a new industrial ecology. We have always invested in our environmental impact and care for the earth, its products and its inhabitants.  
As a company we have a great responsibility for this, thanks to the use of 8000 square meters of photovoltaic panels and the transformation of organic waste from fruit processing into biogas, 115% of the energy we consume is totally GREEN.

solar pannels

But we do not stop at energy saving alone, we are active on many other fronts concerning the green economy, including:
• The use of an in-house purification plant that allows waste to be directly returned to the irrigation canals, effectively making the water drinkable again;
• The use, for our products, of mono-material packaging and 100% RPet, recycled and recyclable plastic;
• The development of a project, in collaboration with Molini Pivetti, for environmental protection on forest land in Tuscany.

OUR BIOGAS PLANTbiogas plant

The Pivetti Holding Group, of which we at Macè are a part, has invested in a biogas plant located a few kilometers from our headquarters in Palata Pepoli, in the province of Bologna.

The biogas plant uses the process of anaerobic digestion to convert organic matter into methane gas and generate electricity using organic plant residues - only authorised by the relevant authority - from the Group's companies, such as those derived from fruit and vegetables processing and from Molini Pivetti's wheat milling.

This approach contributes to the reduction of waste and exploitation of resources as it limits the emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere during the decomposition of organic by-products.

For our company, the use of the biogas plant creates an internal circular production cycle, in which the by-products become the raw material to generate energy, which in turn is used to power all activities.