"We don’t take anything away, we don’t add,  we don’t modify in any way the raw material!"                
Giovanni Gallerani, Macè Research and Development Director.

We all live on planet earth!  This is why working on cultivation, harvesting and storage methods to reduce the impact on the environment is of primary importance for us.  Strong technical skills and advanced equipment are needed to best preserve all the nutritional qualities of the raw material.  Hence the reason why we exclude pasteurization and instead prefer low temperature treatments (below 12 ° C).  
Determination is fundamental in the search for a pact of respect between man and the environment: we work by consolidating the technical knowledge of young and experienced professionals and we listen to those who live the earth every day.  For us, research and development have a privileged and strategic role: our most important investments are here.  This is where our greatest satisfactions are born.

production of cold-pressed and HPP-treated fruit juices

Macé products are designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.
You will find our products in the fruit and vegetable and fresh food sections of the large-scale retail trade (GD) and large-scale organised distribution (GDO) outlets.
We are present in the best hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Our products are also produced in catering and horeca formats, so they are suitable for all catering activities: bars, restaurants, hotels and caterers.
We offer various types of ready-to-eat fruit, freshly squeezed juices and extracts, and ready-made pestos and sauces.
All preparations are fresh, versatile and ready-to-eat.

Macé is also the perfect choice for vending machines.
Offer your customers the opportunity of a healthy and natural snack with our fresh extracts.  Make every break a moment of genuine pleasure, turning a snack into a healthy break.

Macé is a genuine trademark and offers the Private Label option.
Thanks to the advanced skills of the Research & Development department, the customer is guided step by step in the creation of his own branded product line.
We guarantee proper nutrition and uncompromising taste, putting Macé's production reality at the service of the customer's corporate identity.

To guarantee the highest quality and safety standards, we are IFS Food and BRCS Food Safety certified.