Our juices are real 'fruit to drink'.  We select the best oranges and process them with technology, respect for the environment and passion.  The result is a 100% cold-pressed orange juice, unpasteurised, without sugar or preservatives, rich in vitamins a

Fresh fruit juices

fresh fruit salad. Fresh fruit, washed, cut and ready to eat

Fresh-cut fruit

pasta with fresh HPP pesto by Macé

Fresh sauces

protein legume snack cubes

Legume snacks

product categories
product categories
product categories

fruit purees are great as snacks and snacks but are perfect for fruit bowls, chiw bowls and fit breakfasts

Fresh fruit purees

products in evidence

strawberry, apple and banana smoothie, cold extracted and processed under high pressure hpp


Strawberry, apple, banana

Delicious strawberry, apple, banana smoothie. Made from 100% fruit, cold-pressed, and treated with HPP technology. The sedimented pulp is natura...

Mace Fresh Basil pesto with garlic flavouring


Fresh DOP Genovese Basil Pesto with garlic flavouring

The pestos and sauces made by Macé are an explosion of freshness and taste and absolutely unique on the market. The raw materials are fully respec...

Mace Chickpeas and beetroot thins


Chickpeas and beetroot thins

Thin and light pods of delicately toasted legumes with a touch of Mediterranean flavor. Our recipes are very simple: over 75% of legumes, a type of...


about us
Mace fruit

We are one of the first companies in Italy to be entirely dedicated to fresh-cut fruit and since the beginning Macè has presented as an innovative company, introducing in 2010 high pressure technology (HPP) for fruit juices in Italy. We are also one of the first companies in Europe to develop a line of 100% legume-based snacks. "With our products we want to contribute to a healthy and high quality diet, without any compromise in the selection of raw materials and their subsequent processing. We want healthy nutirition always available to everyone; for this reason, in everything we do, we keep our values in sight: innovation, high quality and 100% natural."

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the new HPP line of freshly extracted fruit juices from Macé Natural Wellness

The new Natural Wellness juice line


Macé will premiere a new line of fresh HPP fruit extracts called Natural Wellness, designed to meet specific consumer needs and offer them a health...

HPP fresh fruit juices, cold extracted, 100% fruit, no added sugar or preservatives

The taste of fruit in an extract, nothing more, nothing less


The extracts, once bottled, are treated at very high pressure and cold so as to inactivate any unwanted microorganisms, without altering the flavou...

2023 trade fair calendar in which Macé participates: fruit logistics 8-10 February, Cibus 29-30 March, PLMA 23-24 May, ANUGA 7-12 October

2023 Exhibition Calendar


We at Macé look forward to 2023 with renewed enthusiasm and have already planned four major trade fair events in which we will participate. We will...

I pesti e le salse fresche HPP di Mace hanno vinto gli Italian Food Awards 2022, nella categorie salse, come miglior prodotto innovativo

Macé's HPP pestos and sauces win the Italian Food Awards 2022


On Sunday 16 October 2022 at La Cuisine, Hall 5B in SIAL Paris, the awards ceremony of the eighth edition of the ITALIAN FOOD AWARDS, an event dedi...


Tons of product processed every day


Tons of product processed every day

Microbiological analyzes


Microbiological analyzes

Meters of solar panels


Meters of solar panels