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HPP fresh fruit juices, cold extracted, 100% fruit, no added sugar or preservatives

Fruit extract belongs to the fruit juice category and is characterized by its composition (100% fruit), the selection of the raw material and the method of juice extraction.

Macé's 100% Fruit Extracts in HPP are an example of how a simple and natural product like fruit juice can be improved and made even better and more sustainable through technology.

But let's start from the beginning, the fruit extract falls into the fruit juice category and is characterised by its composition (100% fruit), the selection of the raw material and the method of juice extraction.

It starts with fresh fruit, selected for quality and degree of ripeness, the fruit is washed and processed in the extractor, which allows the vital components of the fruit (juice and pulp) to be extracted by working at low temperatures and without incorporating air. In this way, both the aroma of the vegetables and the vitamin substances are preserved.

A decisive aspect of the quality of fruit extracts is the method that is used to make them stable and well-preserved.

It makes little sense to use cold extraction systems and then pasteurise at high temperatures.

This is why Macè's fresh fruit extracts are stabilised using HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology, of which Macè is a forerunner in Italy for the vegetable world.

Once bottled, the extracts are treated at very high pressure and cold so as to inactivate any undesirable microorganisms, without altering the flavour and aroma of the fruit, as well as the presence of vitamins and antioxidants.

Juices that undergo HPP treatment must then be stored in the refrigerator so that they can retain their maximum quality.

The end result is a fresh, nutritionally rich fruit extract with a shelf-life of 60 days, which for a fresh product is crucial in reducing food waste.


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