freshly squeezed apple, mango and passion fruit juice, cold extracted and treated under high pressure hpp

Apple, mango, passion fruit



Good and refreshing juice of apple, mango, and passion fruit. Cold-pressed treated with HPP technology and made from 100% fruit. The sedimented pulp is natural, shake the bottle well before drinking.

How is it preserved?
In the refrigerator at max + 8 ° C. Once opened, it must be consumed within 48 hours.

Available formats:

INGREDIENTS: juice and pulp of: apple, mango, passion fruit. Antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Nutritional values per 100ml

Energy 233kJ / 55 kcal   
Fat 0,1g   
of which saturates 0g   
Carbohydrates 13g   
of which sugars*  11g   
Fibre 0,1g   
Protein 0,6g   
Salt** 0,04g   

* Only sugars naturally present in fruit