What does HPP stand for?

While, the majority of the juices on the market are pasteurized, i.e. the fruit is subjected to such high temperatures that they damage the flavor and nutritional properties, Macè has chosen cold treatments, such as HPP, a process that subjects the juices to high temperatures. hydrostatic pressures for "cold pasteurization" from unwanted microorganisms.
The product, once cold-pressed and bottled, is placed in a high pressure chamber, where it remains for a few minutes at low temperatures at a pressure of 6,000 bar: in this way, despite the treatment, the fruit retains its taste and color, the scent and its nutritional properties.

Explanation of the benefits of HPP technology used at low temperatures compared to high temperature pasteurisation. HPP preserves taste, vitamins and antioxidants in products.

In addition to fresh fruit juices, we also use the same technology to produce:
𐤟 Fresh sauces
𐤟 Fresh fruit purees