“We don’t withdraw, we don’t add, we don’t modify in any way” 
Giovanni Gallerani, R&D manager of Macè.

Understanding the land and acting on cultivation, harvesting and storage methods to reduce the impact on the environment is of primary importance to us. We need strong technical skills and ad-vanced equipment to best defend and preserve the natural nutritional qualities.
For this reason, we exclude pasteurization, preferring treatments at a temperature lower than 12°C instead.

We need determination for a covenant of respect, ultimately aimed at humankind and the planet:
we work by consolidating the technical knowledge of young professionals and we listen to those who live and breathe the land every day. For us, research and development have a crucial role:
our most important investments are here. And here is where our greatest satisfactions are born.

Macè, a Pivetti Holding Group company, is the first Italian company entirely dedicated to the IV range of fruit and has been serving it since 2000 Ho.Re.Ca., Banqueting Vending and GdO, also private label.

macefruit story

With 12 tonnes of processed product per day and 4 international patents, Macè has the most advanced production and environmentally compliant technologies … others may claim to have it, but not everyone truly does:

  • Air ozonisation systems
  • High pressure cold stabilisation system (HPP)
  • 150 annual microbiological and chemical analysis
  • 4 Research & Development employees
  • 4,000 square meters of solar panels
  • Biological purifier for the purification of washing water
  • Waste processing differentiation and biogas production system
  • High quality and safety certified requirements: SQMS – BRC – IFS – BIO