Macè supplies every type of food-related service: hotels, bars, restaurants and catering groups that choose the simplest, most hygienic and economical solution for fruit to be used in kitchens, bakeries and fresh ready-to-serve preparations.

Macè is also available at vending machines, where today you can opt for a healthy and natural snack: fresh juices and fruit bags, for example, which are light choices for those who love being on the go and want to make every break count; a smart break of any snack.

Macè is on the shelves of the large-scale retail channels: in the best hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Macè also provides a Private label service.

It is able to offer a wide selection of fresh products in a prompt and effective manner. Proper nutrition and taste are the foundations that make Macè products an authentic trademark. And we’re proud of it.