5 Elements – The new all organic line

5 elements is the new organic line for people who care about nature: bars, granola and juices that maintain their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. In other words: vital nutrients are extracted from fresh fruit and vegetables providing us with pure energy and the pleasure of eating genuine food.

Water, air, earth, fire: these four elements come together to create a vital food and energy source for human beings. The new Macé brand comes from a new way of thinking about nutrition: created to keep the original properties of seeds, vegetables, cereals and legumes alive.

Legume, vegetable and sourdough bar.
Crispy and tasty, with a high protein value and whole-wheat ingredients. It is like a crunchy, savory bar, but with the nutritional value of a small balanced meal containing only 0.28 grams of salt.

Legume, vegetable and sourdough granola.
Wheat ingredients, it’s a tasty mix of perfect nutrients and plant-based protein. Crumbly and delicious, it’s a pleasant snack to enjoy on its own or as a supplement to soups and salads.

Whole legumes dried at low temperature, Mediterranean aromas and a little salt. Simple, ancient ingredients, proposed in a new version: crunchy, tasty, digestible and naturally gluten-free.

Fresh high-pressure process fruit juices.
Part of the most complete range of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices available on the Italian market today. Subject to high-pressure treatment, all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, sensitive to the thermal shock of pasteurization, remain unaffected.

We continue to enjoy experimenting in the laboratory always discovering new possibilities. The next new product will truly be a gift to our planet. And a lovely surprise for all.
So, keep updated and look for us in the best supermarkets…and we will do our best to keep taking you by surprise.

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