Fruit at its best!

Eat healthily and practically any time of day, without compromising on the pleasure and flavour of natural fruit.

Discover all the Macè products:


Thanks to the innovative HPP cold stabilisation system, Macè juices keep in all the organoleptic qualities and precious nutrients of freshly harvested fruit.


Every smoothie is a mix of 100% pressed and blended fruits. Stabilised at high pressure (using the HPP process), they maintain all the taste and flavour of the fruit.


Macè Fruit Compotes are not pasteurised, but are treated at high pressure to keep in all the aroma and precious antioxidants in the fruit. They have no colouring agents, no preservatives and no added sugars.

Fresh cut fruit ready to enjoy

Every day, Macè works with nature to bring you the best part of fresh, perfectly ripened fruit. Fresh fruit - unpasteurised and with no preservatives - to guarantee the most natural quantities of natural antioxidants, fibres, vitamins and mineral salts.